Saturday, August 1, 2015

Chase Log: Local Chase In Norman May 8, 2015

SPC Outlook: Moderate Risk
Target Area: Central Oklahoma
Chase Partners: Jon Stone and Amy Phelps
Chasers Encountered: None
Distance Traveled: Approximately 10 miles
Travel Time: 30 minutes
Result: Hail and Flash Flooding

Not much to say about this day really. We couldn't make it south for the tornadoes that occurred in North Texas so we hung around Norman in hopes for a small repeat of 2 days earlier. Unfortunately for us panicked drivers on I-35 ended our chase after a promising supercell moved into Norman dropping large hail that caused a traffic jam when drivers pulled over under several overpasses on the interstate blocking the road and preventing us from following the storm. Our supercell weakened after moving through Norman when it ingested junk storms to our south.

Our chase ended at the Robinson Street exit. Having nothing better to do we decided to go down south to Davis and check out the Arbuckle Mountains. Here are some photos I shot of Price Falls and Turner Falls. We stuck around long enough to make an attempt at capturing lightning from a squall line that was approaching the area but outside of that the trip back to Norman was uneventful.