Monday, February 20, 2012

Chaser Con 2012 Recap

Greetings from the Boro,

This was my first Chaser Con and all I gotta say is I'm glad people twisted my arm into going because I had a great time got to meet some great people in the process. I'm not going into details about everything that went on outside the conference other than I got to hang out with some great chasers I've known for over a year on Spotter Chat and got to do some awesome things with some of them (from bowling with Matt and Jenn Sellers to going to a very expensive steakhouse with the core group I see in the chatroom).

Now I will admit that I only saw one presentation while I was at the convention Tim Marshall's and I did receive some minor static for not spending my entire Saturday in the conference room where the presentations were being held; while I do regret not being able to attend Jon Davies' forcasting class (had to pre-register) or the Andy G. tribute they did Saturday morning, my whole purpose in going was to meet the chasers I've gotten to know in the chatrooms in person and hang out, down a few beers, shoot the shit about whatever was on our minds, and listen to some stories of some past chases. In other words HAVE FUN!!!! As much as possible because chances are this was the only chance I would have at seeing everyone this year barring a meet up during or after a chase.

I've also heard excuses out the ass from people about not going; I'm not talking about those who want to save their money on chasing they get a pass because the convention isn't by any means cheap. Now for those who skipped out in order to simply "avoid drama" it's your lost and quite frankly a stupid lost because from my own end there was no drama. No cliques, no he said she said type horseshit, no my dick is bigger than your dick type deal just chasers having a blast with each other having a few drinks and a party type atmosphere. Hell I even got to mingle with someone from that show on Discovery that no longer exists except in syndication, we smoked a cigarette and shot the shit about April 27th.

It was a fun weekend, definitely one I'm looking forward into doing again next year and beyond.