Friday, August 19, 2011


Greetings from the Boro,

First off I'm under the weather (bout of bronchitis) and there's been some shit I've been reading for the past week I felt the need to throw my two cents in on plus it gives me the opportunity to blow off some much needed steam because I'm REAL pissed off right now.

First up the Indiana State Fair tragedy; sadly one more person died from the stage collapse Saturday night making the total deaths at 6. Now what has me angry about that event was it could have been prevented had fair officials did their job upon notification of the severe thunderstorm warning and evacuated the fairgrounds until the storm had passed (even if it meant postponing the Sugarland concert). The governor's only explanation as to what happened was it was a "freak act of god"..........BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!! A tornado forming out of nowhere and hitting the fairground and lifting back up before NWS meteorologists catch it in time can be defined as a freak act of god the gust front that caused the tragedy could be seen on radar and fair officials had 26 minutes lead time more than enough time to evacuate yet the only PA announcement given in regards to the severe weather was where to go IF the concert got stopped followed by we will try to get Sugarland on the stage in a few minutes. Now I've heard the saying people are responsible for themselves the past week, but lets be honest here people aren't just going to up and leave an event they paid money for (even if severe weather is in the forecast) if they feel there isn't the need and the PA announcer informing them the show will go on gave them the idea everything was okay. Better safe than sorry in the future.

Next up the scandal that has unfolded at the University of Miami; this makes me sick especially if the allegations are true. I'd give anything ANY FUCKING THING to have my college education paid for, have my books paid for, a roof over my head, and provided with an allowance so I'm able to eat while getting my degree, and these peckerwoods at The U are fucking it up because of greed, lust, envy, and any other deadly sin you can think of. Of course it's not just the players at fault here the academic booster who orchestrated these alleged violations (stemming from paying players, providing prostitutes, paying for rims for cars among a few of the alleged violations) is in prison for orchestrating a ponzi scheme for christ sakes and there were talks that some coaches knew what was going on as well. NCAA, if these allegations are true or if even 20% of these allegations occurring while Miami was on probation grow some fucking balls and lay down the hammer. Talk is cheap Mark Emmert, failing to follow by your words of using the Death Penalty as a deterrent to programs that don't want to follow the rules makes you a hippo-crate and it will ignite a shitstorm throughout the NCAA and will give SMU every right to sue your ass because what SMU did to get the Death Penalty in the late 80s fails to compare to the charges against Miami.

Last but not least Facebook; okay the more and more I log on to FB the more and more I feel they should allow patients in mental hospitals across the country do FB because they're status updates seemed to be the most intelligent. I do my best not to air my dirty laundry on social network sites yet there are asshats out there who use FB as their own little diary (okay seriously if you don't give a shit about what's going on in my life what makes you think I care about your own problems). All FB has become is a breathing ground for drama and I'm sick and tired of it; plus you have security issues that leaves your profile vulnerable to hackers and viruses not to mention annoying tagging games that jam up my email with notifications "so and so has commented on a post you were tagged in" and now it seems like it's now a breathing ground for self appointed grammar cops to bully those into putting the language skills they learned in school in to use (okay words get misspelled get the fuck over it). I don't even look at the home page anymore I go straight to my profile and I will occasionally check out the profiles of my closest friends because I know they have their heads on their shoulders straight.

Okay rant over; wow I feel like a new man a more mellow man, plus the afrin helped big time.