Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Messin' With Sasquatch: The Preempting Of Shows for Severe Weather Coverage On Local TV

Greetings from the Boro;

In case you're intrigue by the title of this blog here's a disclaimer; you're gonna see it every time I do a blog where I'm on a rant.

I was at work today listening to The Midday 180 on WGFX-FM 104.5 one of at least two sports talk radio stations in Nashville; they do a weekly segment on Wednesdays called Primary Complaint in which the hosts (Chad Withrow, Jonathan Hutton, and Paul Kuharsky) air whatever grievances they have whether it's sports related or anything else that's on their mind. They also invite listeners to call in or tweet their primary complaints practically to kill 30 minutes of the final hour of the show.

One listener called in complaining about his show being interrupted due to severe weather coverage on one of the local TV stations in Nashville (he even went as far as saying hurricane force winds is not going to harm a house), Kuharsky during this call complained about how TV stations scroll weather warnings over the box score of a game he's watching.

Here's my beef; this insensitive prick complaining about not seeing HIS show made it all about him and he feels that HIS show should not be interrupted for a tornado warning that isn't in HIS area. Reality check dude, WSMV, WKRN, WTVF, and WZTV (Nashville's TV markets) cover over 1,000,000 people living in the Nashville Metropolitan Area and some of the people in that area were under the gun with tornado warnings and the news coverage may have been their only way of receiving the warning......IT"S NOT ABOUT YOU GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!

As much of an issue I have with the caller, I have an even bigger issue with Kuharsky's comments during the phone in. Besides co-hosting The Midday 180 he also covers the AFC South for ESPN, he's a former columnist for The Tennessean, and he covered the Raiders while they were still in Los Angeles. He has a following and for him to complain about a severe weather warning scrolling across the bottom of the screen covering up the score of a game he's watching, I have a problem with that because he's saying that the warning being scrolled isn't as important as a score to fucking football game IMO. I'm a huge sports fan, but sports was the farthest from my mind days after the Good Friday Tornado and I'm positive it was even further from the victims' minds as they were too busy picking up the pieces of their destroyed homes and mourning the lost of love ones and I can GUARAN-DAMN-TEE you they wouldn't give a shit about the score of a Texans/Titans game if they were in the path of a tornado warned storm one county away from them.

Chase Log: 1/22/2012

Outlook: Moderate Risk

Target Area: Northwest Mississippi

Partners: Jesse Hines and Ashley Poling

Chasers Encountered: None

Travel Time: 16.5 hours

Miles Traveled: 800

Result: BUST

Long story short we gambled on a setup and lost; this became a night time event when some of the models the day before suggested mid to late afternoon initiation. I never look at a chase as disappointing because I'm out giving it a go, and this chase in particular was a great dry run for future chases.

This was only our second chase together (Jess, Ash, and me as this was my third chase with Jesse) and our first out of state adventure and it went almost as perfect as I could ever ask for. We had up to the minute data and we picked the right target area, but the cold front slowed down to a snail's pace over Western Arkansas and initiation did not occur until after sunset.. Again a pretty good dry run for a chase down the road.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recap of 2011, What 2012 Has In Store

Greetings from the Boro,

A quick recap of 2011; it's was a memorable year for me as I got to chase two big outbreaks (4/27 and 5/24) and got to meet some chasers along the way that have not only helped me out along the way but allowed me to be in my comfort zone as far as interaction goes. My 2011 Chase Season was as follows:

Chases: Approximately 10 or 11
Tornadoes: 4
Tornado Days: 2
States Chased: TN, AL, MS, KY, TX, OK

Now out with the old and in to the now and what 2012 could have in store; I have a good feeling about 2012 and that I'll continue my growth as a chaser. Having new chase partners in the fold is going to help me out big time in accomplishing this task, but I'm still new as are my partners which is going allow us the opportunity to grow together as a unit (I've already talked to a chaser about them and I told her I wouldn't trade my them for anything in the world including an increase in my tornado count by 20).

Exactly what are my goals for 2012? One goal is to film a photogenic tornado from start to finish (got to see an epic rope out but have yet to film a touchdown), my chase partners have yet to see a tornado so that's an absolute given (trust me when I say seeing a tornado in person is a far cry from seeing one on TV for those who've never seen one), an opportunity to visit and chase in different areas (I'll get to add CO to the list of states visited next month when I'll be attending the National Storm Chaser Convention aka Chaser Con), and meet more chaser out and about (again a goal that gets accomplished next month in Denver).

Being a one day at a time type individual I have no fucking clue what 2012 will bring, one thing is for damn sure I'm going to enjoy the ride no matter how bumpy it gets ;-).