Saturday, March 14, 2015

Messing With Sasquatch: Social Media Wasteland

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and to a smaller degree Instagram are good ways to interact with new people and to make a friend or two along the way. It gives you an opportunity to let total strangers know exactly what kind of a person you are by posting up the goings on each day, opinions about important matters that are going in the world, and even posting up jokes, quotes from someone famous, and lame bible verses. Unfortunately there are people out there who go overboard by posting ridiculous garbage that has made the social media websites I mentioned into a social media wasteland.

Whether it's posting up minute by minute details of an individual's day including every bowel movement they've made, bashing President Obama every chance they get, or posting up nothing but pictures of their fucking cats I feel as though I'm walking into a landfill every time I log onto Facebook and for the most part I see nothing but garbage (not everyone I know is guilty of abusing Facebook in this manner but there are a few who do stand out). Then there's the occasional Facebook fights or "drama", although I will admit I enjoy seeing those because I find humor in adults acting like immature teenagers.

Does it bother me yes it does to a degree otherwise I would not be spending my Saturday typing up this blog entry, but people have every right to post up whatever they want to so I bite my tongue most of the time. And to be honest, posting this makes me a hypocrite because I'm guilty of posting up garbage statuses. However I try to keep my daily life short and sweet, I cut back on posting religious or political posts, and I'm not a crazy cat person so cat posts are a once in a blue moon deal for me.

Okay rant over, happy Saturday everyone.