Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Debris Show Tonight at 9 PM CST On USTREAM

If you hate the Discovery Channel drama Storm Chasers you will want to tune in to tonight's show it's gonna be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Storm Chasers Episode 5: The Day After

Greetings from the Boro,

Okay so I watched Storm Chasers last night on Discovery probably the best episode of the year so far; not as much drama unless you call mourning for a guy who hung himself for no god damn reason drama. There was a scene where Sean Casey was viewing video on YouTube of his and his crew in the Tornado Intercept Tank aka the TIT's decision to make an illegal pass of a convoy of chase vehicles in order to get up to the storm to attempt an intercept. The guy who shot the video of the TIT's disregard to the safety of the other drivers on the road was Steve Miller, a 17 year chase veteran from Moore, OK; after the scene Steve's video got blown up somewhere in the neighborhood of 26,000 views that's 11,000 more than he had when it was originally uploaded back in May. But what really has me fuming is the close to 600 people ripping Steve a new asshole for "quite possibly ruining Sean's film and putting V2's funding in jeopardy" leaving comments like Sean is doing more for science than you and he's a real storm chaser you're just some redneck amateur who should leave storm chasing to the professionals. Ok I have a little message to these Sean Casey and Reed Timmer marks who stumble upon this little blog:

REALITY CHECK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SEAN CASEY ISN'T A STORM CHASER....HE'S A FUCKING FILM MAKER....he doesn't give a shit about improving tornado forecasting or saving lives, all he cares about is his IMAX film I guaran-DAMN-tee you once his movie is out in an IMAX theater you will never see him or his TIT out in the plains storm chasing again he'll be too busy sitting back reeping in the rewards for his 10+ years of IMAX filming and may make some time to do a little one-on-one with his buddy Denzel Washington on the basketball court. If Casey really did give a shit about people's safety he wouldn't have had his driver pull an idiotic stunt like that, he's fucking lucky there wasn't on-coming traffic in his direction(I'm pretty sure a mini-car vs. the TIT would end in a no-contest with the Casey family living in Skid Row after the civil suit).

I'm not here defending Steve Miller because I'm biased towards ChaserTV, I'm defending him because unlike Casey Steve is a REAL storm chaser and actually cares about the public's safety during severe weather and as far as the leave it to the professionals talk go, cry me a fucking river when you lose a love one because your hero Sean Casey was too fucking busy filming glamor shots of an intercept instead of notifying the NWS of the tornado hitting your town.